It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, that’s where the team at iLaundromat come in!

According to News strategy research, the average Australian is spending almost 3 years of their lives washing clothes! That’s 23,214 hours in the laundry!!!

iLaundromat not only offer there in house state of the art Laundromat were your more than welcome to come in and do your laundry, at iLaundromat we offer a wash dry and fold services where we come to you so you can enjoy your time with the family and friends.

iLaundromat are the Wash Dry and Fold experts. Offering a premium door to door service of laundry and your clothes will love so you can spend time doing what you love. We also have our iLaundromat outlets in which you’re more than welcome to come in and use our state of the art facilities and yes we are one of the very few Laundromats to have PAYWAVE facilities!!

Get us to do your laundry as we love to get down and dirty!

Enquire Now and we will make you look smart once we’ve had our way with your dirty laundry!