Cleaning FAQ

Who cleans my items?

  • iLaundromat are Australian family owned and operated business, the owners are hands on and we take pride in what we do to look after and take care of your items personally.

What if an item is damaged or lost?

  • It is extremely rare that items are damaged or even worse lost, however we are all human and in the rare event we will endeavour to repair or recover your items. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

Will my items be supplied with an iLaundromat bag/basket?

  • Yes! iLaundromat will supply a Laundry bag/basket for you. There are no hidden charges for this. All you have to do is by checking the care label instructions and washing, you can select which clothing goes into the wash dry and fold bag it’s that easy!

Will iLaundromat check the label instructions on my clothes?

  • All of the items in the Wash Dry and Fold bag will be washed tumble dried and folded. We cannot check the care labels on these items as such and we do not recommend you add your dry cleaning/ delicate items to this bag.

Will iLaundromat check the care label instructions on my clothes?

  • Yes of course we will. We require all individual items to have a readable care label for us to clean the item. Any items without a care label will be returned to you unless written instructions are included with cleaning instructions.

Do I need to sort my Wash Dry and Fold clothes into Whites and Colours?

  • Yes please sort your laundry before pick up. On collection, inform our courier that you have split loads and they will prepare a new bag for you. There is a $10 surcharge per split.

Can all stains be removed?

  • Our latest equipment in stain removal and more often than not you will be more than satisfied with the result. At your request an additional in- was stain remover can be added however in rare circumstances, some stains are so stubborn they cannot be eradicated.

Do I need to weigh my wash bag/basket?

  • You don’t have to worry about weighing anything. Once your order reaches our facilities, we will then weigh your Wash.Dry.Fold and update your order where it will be visible to you under ‘My Orders’ in the iLaundromat website once you have logged in. 

What can be cleaned in a Wash.Dry.Fold?

  • Typical items in a Wash.Dry.Fold include underwear, socks, t-shirts, towels and any other items that can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Is there anything that cannot be cleaned in a Wash.Dry.Fold?

  • We highly recommend not adding anything that is delicate, high embellished items and/or valuable. Please don’t include leather goods, cashmere, velvet, silk items, or any items labeled dry-clean only. These items require extra care that they will not receive in a combined wash. Please don’t include large bulky items such as towels and bedding as this can impact the quality of the wash.

Will you clean my ripped jeans?

  • Yes! We will do our very best to prevent any further rips, but unfortunately some rips may be aggravated.

Will you clean my feather doona?

Yes! We like to keep things simple. All types of doonas can be cleaned for a standard fee (unless stipulated instructions say Dry Clean only).

  • Single Doona - $35
  • Single King, Double, Queen and King $38
  • Super King $40

What type of pillows can be cleaned?

  • Synthetic, down, memory foam. These pillow types will be charged at the same fee.

What temperature do you wash the clothes at?

  • For our Wash.Dry.Fold service, clothes are washed at 70 degree water. This temperature allows us to clean your clothes in a hygienic fashion and also eradicate any nasty stains.

How are my belongings dried?

  • After your Wash.Dry.Fold items have been cleaned they are tumble dried to give them that crisp, fresh feel, you only get when using the professionals.

Can I keep the bag/basket?

  • You sure can. On your first order you will receive an iLaundromat laundry bag/basket to put your current load in. Extra bags/basket will be charged at $7.00 each.


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