Getting Started! FAQ

Who is iLaundromat and what do we offer?

  • We offer our state of the art outlets in which you’re more than welcome to come in and enjoy our facilities to do your own laundry offering, longer wash and drying times so that your laundry is cleaned and dried effectively, free wifi and PAYWAVE!!
  • We also are a premium laundry Australian family owned and operated company that picks up and delivers right to your door.

How does iLaundromat wash dry and fold work?

  • On our website at a click of a few buttons you can select what clothes you want cleaned and where and when you would like them picked up. Our friendly iLaundromat team will come by to collect your order. You will then be also given a reusable iLaundromat bag/basket so you can prepare your next order. Once your clothing has been picked up, you are free to enjoy your valuable time with family and friends and leave the work to us.

How do I make an online order?

  • iLaundromats website is simple and easy to use, just follow the instructions to see how easy it is to place the order to have your clothes professionally cleaned.

How long does the whole process take?

  • Once one of our friendly iLaundromat team comes to pick up your items, we aim to return them to you clean and fresh within 48 hours, no matter what your service request. You can also choose to have your laundry returned quicker with a premium overnight service request. (Charges for same day service will incur $10 per load).

What areas do we service?

  • iLaundromat are currently covering a small number of various areas in Metropolitan Adelaide, however we are forever growing and are planning to service all of Adelaide Metropolitan area very soon.  

What if my area is not listed?

  • We anticipate servicing all of Metropolitan Adelaide in the coming weeks as we are expanding quickly. 
  • Alternatively, please contact us to provide further assistance.

Who cleans my items?

  • iLaundromat are Australian family owned and operated business, the owners are hands on and we take pride in what we do to look after and take care of your items personally.

What don’t we do?

  • iLaundromat at this stage are a wash dry and fold service only. We will be forever expanding and growing and will announce shortly of other services such as dry cleaning and ironing that we will offer with an email to all our customers in due course.
  • Although we believe we have covered all the bases, you’re more than welcome to contact our iLaundromat team if you cannot find the appropriate category of clothing.


Get us to do your laundry as we love to get down and dirty!

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